It all starts with a chat. So tell me what you need a hand with and I'll tell you how I can help. Ideally we can meet in person so that I can get to know your business better.

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Advertising standards

Good writing sells. Technological wonders may spring upon us daily, but they are nothing without lucid human communication. We need to know how to talk to each other. How to get a message across. Person to person interactions are usually informal. As soon as you write something down, there are more rules. If you want your communications to be respected, it helps to understand these rules. I wrote this short book to help people brush up on their English writing skills. Many clients have found it useful.

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Need more than just words?

I can also help if you need creative visuals or digital development. I regularly work with other freelancers who have the same deep experience I do, including Art Directors, Artworkers, a Film-maker and a Web Developer. You can contact us all directly for agency-quality visual work, without the agency mark-up.


Agency-quality copywriting...

There are lots of amazing things that your advertising agency can do for you. But there are also times when you don't want to jump through the hoops that come with briefing in a job to them. You need a leaflet – quickly. Just a few webpages rewritten into your new Tone of Voice. A last-gasp proofread before you put your neck on the line. A splash of exciting digital content in response to a hot event. You have a job that you want done swifter than an agency can manage, yet to the same standard. Hmmm.... a fraction of the
agency cost

What if you could call the creative department directly? Tell them what you need and get some great ideas back that same week (or sooner). Handy. Plus, that way you wouldn't have to pay for a planner or account director's time. Imagine talking to someone with so many advertising miles on the clock that they know exactly what you want in a heartbeat.

One call and your creative job is sorted

Fire the brief over to me and go for a coffee. You've sorted it. Done. Why? The creases on my forehead and the callouses on my fingertips will attest to the thousands of ads, brochures and websites that I have written in my 20 years as a copywriter. I have worked for some of the largest agencies in London (McCann-Ericsson, Ogilvy & Mather) and Edinburgh (The Leith Agency, The Union) and for dozens of clients directly. Look up "safe pair of hands" in your idiom dictionary - it doesn't say "Richard Happer", but it probably should.

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Edinburgh, UK



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